Google Chrome Gets A Facelift And Some New Features

Google celebrated a decade of the Google Chrome web browser this past week with a new release that introduces a streamlined user interface and a few new features.

New Look

The most obvious change is the new UI, which includes a more rounded aesthetic, new colors/icons, and a more minimalist overall design. The idea is to make the browser area less busy and put more focus on the website content, and make managing multiple web pages easier (for those of us who are tab junkies.)

What’s The Password?

A welcome improvement is the enhanced password manager, which will now offer to automatically generate a secure password when you’re creating a new account or resetting an account password. After generating the password, Chrome will then securely store it for you. While this is a common feature when using a 3rd party password manager, this is the first time it’s been built right into the browser. If you want to take advantage of this feature, make sure you’re signed into Chrome with your google account (directions here).

Better Omnibox

Another interesting feature is the upgraded Omnibox. The Omnibox is Google-speak for the address bar, which also doubles as a search bar. You can now type questions into the Omnibox and get answers without even searching. This makes looking up information like translations and weather forecasts even easier, and also should help cut down on tab clutter.

Enhanced Security

In addition to the new features, Google also patched over 40 security vulnerabilites and implimented new security/privacy tools to protect users from malicious ads and websites that have not implimented SSL security.