Tired of Forgetting Passwords? Try a Password Manager

The Problem: Password Overload

It’s pretty rare to find universally held views these days, but today I’ve got something I think everyone can agree on. Young and old. Rich and poor. Republican and Democrat. What do they all have in common? Contempt for having to remember what feels like 5,000 passwords. And they all have to be unique. And this one needs a special character. This one you used once before in 2004. This one’s not long enough. And if you need to reset your password, it gets even more fun. What was your favorite movie in 2008? Here’s a bunch of squiggly-overlapping letters to prove you’re not a silicon-based life-form. It gets old.

The Solution: A Password Manager

A password manager is software that saves all of your passwords in a secure digital vault so you don’t have to remember them all. When you go to sign in to a website, you simply click the icon for your password manager, or enter your master password to log in. Passwords managers typically save passwords, addresses, payment information, and other sensitive information.

I don’t have trouble with my passwords, is there any other reason to use a password manager?

Yes! One of the most important aspects of digital security is having unique, complicated passwords for each login. If you’re using the same password for a variety of accounts, this is a very easy way for your various online accounts to be comprised. With a password manager, there’s a built-in password generator that will create strong and unique passwords for each of your logins. If for any reason one of your accounts is breached, they won’t be able to use that login information to access other accounts.

Sounds Like a Good Idea, but I have No Idea How to Set This Up

No problem! I’ve attached some helpful links to some of the more common password managers available, along with the setup instructions. If it’s not something you’re comfortable implementing, call or chat with us to schedule a service. One of our technicians will install and configure it, and give you a tutorial on how to use your password manager effectively.

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Getting Started



Getting Started